How to deal with LDR with Time Difference (and win 2hr/week)

1) Shift your life by 30 minutes and gain 1 hour of extra time

2) Make a LDR planning

3) How to deal with long distance relationship with time difference: Stay connected!

  • 20 years ago, you had to pay to talk with your partner.
  • 15 years ago, conversations were only done on Skype. Social networks did not exist.
  • 10 years ago, no gadgets were connected to the internet. Only our phones and computers
  • Apple Watch allows you to send your heartbeat
  • Bond Touch wristbands give you the ability to send personalized vibrations
  • Talsam jewels light up when it sends you a text message
  • Friendship Lamps light up when you touch it

4) Plan some free time when your partner is awake

5) Sacrifice your sleep

This article is not finished!



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